Päron AIDONI B 64 mm Modell #499

Artikel nr: AI_XBB64

The Model #499 has a body of grenadilla wood. The heart of the concept is the inner plastic insert with the new and unique XB bore. Another novelty is the brass ring that has been added to the top of the barrel – to focus the sound and to add luster and projection. A winding of carbon fiber, at the lower part, provides extra stability and equalizes the resistance over the different registers. All details have been fine-tuned to achieve maximum performance.

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Artikelnr: AI_XBB64

The Aidoni grenadilla barrel is a result of meticulous experimentation co-created by Martin Fröst over four years. Since 2016, Martin exclusively uses Aidoni grenadilla barrels on all his clarinets.

This barrel features an inner plastic tube with a reverse taper, partially covered by a thin brass pipe. The outcome is a perfectly balanced barrel, offering exquisite intonation and a resonant, focused sound. The plastic inner tube enables precise measurements, maintaining consistent dimensions. Unlike traditional wooden barrels, the synthetic bore is less affected by warm temperatures in the air flow, making it easier to maintain pitch.

The Grenadilla wood contributes to a warm and solid sound, while its clear projection makes it suitable for both orchestra players and soloists.


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