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Musician, teacher and conductor. Clarinet, saxophone and piano lessons offered privately at a studio and working freelance as a musician in Stockholm.

Experienced teacher with a music degree and post graduate teacher qualification from the UK and has “lärares behörighet”. Able to teach in native English or in Swedish as bi-lingual.

Vid frågor ring Christina ‭070-210 07 92‬

Leverans: 1–3 dagar

Christina Pearce runs a small business with a big heart for conducting, performing and teaching music. Private tuition on clarinet, saxophone and piano.

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Christina is also a knitting and crocheting yarn artist.

Christina är även mycket efterfrågad som ensembledare. T ex leder hon
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  1. Karin

    Jag har tagit saxofonlektioner för Christina. Hon är en mycket bra lärare! Hon har ett mjukt sätt och anpassar undervisningen till ens förmåga och intresse, men kommer samtidigt med egna idéer och ger utmaningar.

    Jag rekommenderar verkligen alla att ta lektioner för Christina!

  2. Lesley

    My 8 year old son has been taking saxophone lessons with Christina for almost two years and we can highly recommend her as a teacher. She is patient, caring, a highly skilled musician and has a knack for keeping lessons varied and interesting. My son loves playing with her and his progress under her tutelage has been fantastic! I would not hesitate to recommend Christina.

  3. Kerstin

    Christina, my maestra teacher for my clarinet lessons is very patient and I am very happy to learn clarinet. I can recommend Christina.

  4. Carlos de la Barra

    I started from zero and Christina has been guiding me through the process and I am now able to play after a just a couple of months. I love the detailed description of what to do, then showing me how to get there and always with patience if it doesn’t quite work out at first.

    I can recommend Christina to anyone who like me is starting from zero and wants to be playing soon!

  5. Lars-Erik

    Som 67-årig pensionär är detta det perfekta sättet att sätta guldkant på sin hobby. Klarinettlektioner på dagtid för att bättre klara av mina uppgifter i amatörorkestrarna där jag deltar. Christina har en stark passion för sin uppgift, på ett trevligt sätt blandar teori och praktik, visar med sin klarinett hur det ska låta. Visualiserar på ett pedagogiskt sätt upplevelsen av den aktuella musiken. Föreslår olika musikstilar som hemläxa.
    Jag kan starkt rekommendera Christina som din musiklärare!

  6. Emily

    My 7 and 9 year old children started learning how to play the piano from Christina a year ago and now they’re both playing songs with two hands. Christina varies the lessons so that the kids don’t get bored and gives them lots of positive feedback. She’s also careful to teach the right technique. Highly recommend Christina for piano lessons!

  7. Minjin

    I started learning clarinet from Christina as a grown-up. Christina is very good at noticing what I’m comfortable with and what I need to work on and pushes me just the right amount. I especially appreciate that she suggested I try playing jazz because it’s been really helping me to grow. There is always a lot of laughter in our lessons and we have a great time together.

  8. Beverley

    After learning the basics of the saxophone online, I felt I needed more personalized tuition to develop my technique. Christina is reining me in and making me pay attention to the small details that I have overlooked in my eagerness to develop quickly. She has already helped a lot with my tone, rhythm and accuracy, and finds a good balance between helping me with the raunchier music I love and introducing me to slower more classical pieces which are great for developing technique. During the covid-19 restrictions we began to take our lessons using Facetime and it works surprisingly well. A great way to save time, and something we may continue with, at least some of the time, even when the crisis is over.

  9. Love

    I have taken clarinet lessons from Christina both in person and online via Skype (due to COVID-19), and have not noticed any difference! Both in person and online Christina is great at adapting the education to both your ability and circumstances. She is great at coming up with varied ways to practice to make sure it never gets stale.

    I would highly recommend Christina to anyone looking to learn/improve their clarinet abilities!

  10. Peter Karlsson

    Jag tar lektioner för att lära mig läsa noter och är också med i ABFs blåsorkester där Christina är ledare. Hon är mycket duktig och hör precis varenda litet fel jag gör vilket gör att jag kan utveckla mitt saxofonspel och notläsningsförmåga bra. Hon är dessutom trevlig och rolig att ha att göra med. Rekommenderar.

  11. Gunnar Forsberg

    Just like Peter I am active in ABF:s blåsorkester as a trumpet player.and now Christina is my music teacher.. She finds ways and encourages me to work with my hang-ups with notations and timing. Christina does it in a humorous and playful way that makes it even fun for me to challenge my obstacles. She notices directly every mistake I do and makes it an interesting journey to come to terms with them. Before Christina started working with me my playing was about to get stalled, sitting here at home in this corona-isolation. Now thanks to Christina I am awake again and the world of doing music is opening up. Small steps are getting bigger. I highly recommend Christina, she is the best music teacher I have had.

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