Guto Lucena

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Privatlektioner inom saxofon, klarinett, tvärflöjt

  • Utveckla din ton
  • Spelteknik och musikteori
  • Improvisation
  • Olika musikstilar

Alla nivåer och åldrar.

Lektionerna hålls i Guto's studio i Stockholm (T-Bana Hammarbyhöjden)

Lessons can be held in Swedish, English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Vid frågor ring Guto ‭‭072-260 36 31‬‬

Guto Lucena

Master i Jazz Performance på Musikhögskolan samt 25 års erfarenhet som musiker/lärare.

Guto Lucena är D’Addario Artist

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6 recensioner av Guto Lucena

  1. Virginia

    Guto är tålmodig och ger inte upp förrän man kan.
    Rolig och trevlig, engagerar sig i min utveckling .

  2. Caio

    Incredible teacher. I’ve been having classes for about a year and I feel that I’ve developed a lot. Guto really inspires me.

  3. Linn

    Superroliga lektioner anpassade efter min nivå, dagsform och önskemål samtidigt som jag får nya utmaningar som tar mig framåt för varje gång. Guto är tålmodig, inspirerande och mycket trevlig! Har nu kort uppehåll pga förlossning och längtar tillbaka till mina lektioner!

  4. Alex

    Our son has been learning from Guto for more than a year now and we’re frequently saying how lucky we are to have found him. He is basically the perfect teacher for children and no doubt adults too: gentle, caring, supportive, knowledgeable and fun, but also incredibly passionate about music. It’s inspiring to see him convey that musical love and passion to our son. Highly recommended!!

  5. Pedro

    My experience with Guto is the best since he is a great teacher who inspires and motivates the students in the pursuance of their goals, with a positive attitude, besides being a magnificent musician. I had classes in Portugal and at first chance I started to have online classes with him again. I really recommend his classes for all levels of learning.

  6. Daniel P.

    Guto and I are friends since 2008 when we’ve started my lessons back in Portugal. We’ve been in contact until this day.

    We’ve worked together face to face as well as virtual classes for a long time. His methodology and approach as a professor takes from any student the inner musicality instead of just dumping techniques and theory to his students.

    Enough said, thank you Guto, for the friendship and shared knowledge along all these years! There’s no one else I could endorse more as a music professor!

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