We’ve combined natural cane with environmental friendly synthetic materials to create the world’s first hybrid reed. Forestone hybrid reeds are balanced to bring out the durable, agile benefits of synthetic reeds while maintaining the heart and sound of natural bamboo.

Our injection moulding procedure pairs these fine materials with ease and is the most accurate process available today. Each reed is surface post-production for a natural feel and now available for clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones.

10 Reasons to use Forestone​

  • Only hybrid reed with bamboo fibres inside
  • Only synthetic reed with real cane sound
  • Injection moulding. Most consistent
  • One solid moulded piece. Most long-lasting
  • Best cost performance
  • 3 models to fulfil any player’s needs
  • Adjustable like any cane reed
  • Reed guard for perfect protection
  • Mouthpieces friendly special treatment
  • Made in Japan. High-tech environment with highest standards

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